About SCSI

As a SCSI systems integrator, you understand the importance of internal ribbon cable assemblies that meet your electrical and physical specifications.

DataStorageCables offers built-to-spec ribbon cables for all single or multiple 50 and 68 pin drive applications. To correctly match your impedance and routing requirements, D.S.C stocks a choice of cable materials: PVC, FEP (Teflon)®, TPE or Twist/Flat.

Whether the application is Ultra320, Ultra160, Ultra2, S/E or HVD, D.S.C can recommend the proper cabling and connectors, or simply work from your specification or sample.

Included with all of our ribbon cable assemblies is the proper connectivity hardware such as brackets and jackscrews. Also available are kits that include 0-7 or 0-15 SCSI ID switches and cables.